Building on the success of last year, we’re organising another National Park City Talks and Fair at Conway Hall in Red Lion Square, Holborn. The Talks and Fair will take place on Saturday 29th JUNE and will offer inspiring insights into urban wildness, health and greening and a one stop preview of some of the exciting events taking place through the summer, along with a chance to meet lots of inspiring groups and people.

Conway Hall & Red Lion Square • 25 Red Lion Square • London • WC1R 4RL • Saturday 29th JUNE 2019


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In the National Park City Talks we will welcome speakers introducing fascinating aspects of London and interesting Londoners ranging from The New Green Deal to Litter Picking, from Rambling through London to scaling mountains. 

At the Volunteering & Experiences Picnic you will find groups and organisations working across London, all aiming to help you get the most out of London and make a difference. We can expect groups talking about urban food growing, rambling, art, car free days, wildlife spotting, citizen science, community story creation and mapping, tree trails and more. 

Awesome National Park City Makers will be on hand throughout the day handing out our free Guide to being a National Park City Makerfree giant maps of London's green and blue spaces and answering questions about the London National Park City. 

We'll be indoors and outdoors. When you visit why not bring a picnic to have in Red Lion Square or visit the Pistachios in the Park cafe before the talks start . With the hard work of Friends of Red Lion Square and Camden Council and its new signs, new benches, and flowers it is looking great! There will a few organisations and activities in the park to speak.

We hope you will come along for a new view of London, and to meet lots of fantastic and lovely people. And leave knowing to how to make a difference!

[Most photos by Jasmine Kamal-Pasha and Justin McDermott]

The 1st National Park City Fair 2018

Last year's Fair was a great success. See all the photos and read all about the speakers, the exhibitors and events over on our London National Park City Fair 2018 pages.

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