National Park City Foundation – Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Our work as a social and health movement is about improving urban city life for everyone. 

The evidence is that urban decay and poor city environments blight lives, and that disadvantaged people are affected the most, for example by breathing polluted air, poor access to quality green space, and often lacking the choices, means, support and resources to improve their lives.

The National Park City Foundation stands against racism and supports Black Lives Matter.

Our origins are in London, the world’s most racially diverse city, where we celebrate difference and diversity at our events, and where our network draws together people from very different backgrounds and experiences who make up the social fabric of the city, and work to make their city greener, healthier and wilder.

In our work with other cities, we will draw on our experience and learn more about how to uphold and advance our values of inclusion and equality.

As a relatively young organisation and as the National Park City movement, living up to those values also means checking how these are working in practice and seeking ideas and feedback to adjust and improve. 

We recognise that systemic, structural change is also needed, and we will support work to expedite that. We also know that slavery is not a thing of the past and that people are being exploited to this day.

Our anti-racism commitments are:

  • We will always stand alongside people who are subjected to racism and racial injustices, and will seek justice;
  • We will not tolerate racist language and behaviour and we will challenge racism wherever and whenever we encounter it;
  • We will review and report on how our work, policies and practices meet the needs and rights of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people, and how and where we should improve, including by learning from others;
  • We will seek to ensure that BAME people are fairly represented and involved with our work;
  • We will proactively support BAME people and projects in making their environments healthier, greener and wilder, and will invite external challenge to inform how we can champion this;
  • We will work with and support our networks and contacts to help them do the same whether in the UK, Europe or worldwide; and,
  • We will support calls for increased, targeted and specific funding for BAME organisations and for organisations working for racial justice and race equity.

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