Borough by Borough

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Borough by Borough

Explore each of London's Boroughs

London’s Boroughs are the 32 local authority districts that make up Greater London; each is governed by a London borough council. Including the City of London, which makes 33. Each has their own unique landscape, character and history.

A mini-Guide for each Borough

In 2019 we created our first London National Park City Mini-Guide for Hounslow, celebrating Hounslow’s great outdoors. 

Use it to find places to explore, play, or simply sit; groups to join and paths to walk; activities on land or water to try. Get there on foot, by bicycle or public transport.

You can download the Mini Guide here.

What do you think? This was our first version of the mini-guide for Hounslow and we would love to hear your feedback and ideas. What did we miss out? Where else do you like to play and explore around Hounslow? What other types of information would you find useful? Please let us know by emailing us at and we’ll feed that into our plans for creating mini-guides for more Boroughs.

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