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In the run up to becoming a National Park City in July 2019 we received acres of coverage externally about the campaign and the benefits that this would bring to London. Below is an archive of all of the coverage we received.


Huck Sep 2020: ‘You’re either for helping others, or you’re not’ – Loyle Carner in conversation

Vogue Sep 2020: Loyle Carner Is Transforming “Concrete Jungles” In South London With Much-Needed Green

Hypebeast Sep 2020: Loyle Carner and Timberland Want to Make London Greener and Healthier

Channel News Asia 29 July 2020: London makes its green spaces safer amid COVID-19 pandemic | Video

Thornton Heath Chronicle 31 Oct 2019: FORECOURT TURNED INTO MUSIC VENUE. For one day only the Ambassador House forecourt was transformed in to a stylish music venue as part of the launch of a project to re-greenerate the disused concrete space. The headline act was Croydon rapper Loyle Carner who has joined forces with Timberland and the London National Park City Foundation to see urban spaces like the Ambassador House forecourt transformed in to green community hubs. During the day, down to earth Mercury Prize-nominated Loyle, 25, who is the ambassador for the project mixed with the community who were invited to take part in planting workshops and hear about new proposals for the forecourt.

Develop Croydon Oct 2019: Loyle Carner launches global green campaign in Thornton Heath – Over the next six months, as part of the campaign, the forecourt will be transformed into a green, healthy space for residents to enjoy … During the day, the forecourt was taken over by Timberland, London National Park City Foundation and Loyle himself to give residents a taster of what the space could look like, with landscape architects Urban Growth hosting workshops showing people how they can make their own spaces greener … London National Park City Foundation and Timberland also announced the start of a three-month search for 50 volunteer London National Park City Rangers to kick-start new urban greening projects like the Ambassador House forecourt across the capital.

Kew GrowWild August 2019: Rescued for nature: A dozen bath tubs and an abandoned river bank – London’s designation as the world’s first National Park City hit the news last month, with praise being heaped on the capital’s fine array of large parks and wetland areas. But what of the city’s lesser-known green spaces? I rode over to East London last week to have a look at two smaller projects that have received Grow Wild funding. To be honest, I didn’t expect to be talking car parks with an art curator.

Positive News July 2019: London: the world’s first national park city – “We’ve created the conditions to do something very special, but hopefully this thing will deliver for people, wildlife and nature for ever – this is just the start”. “we meet Daniel Raven-Ellison. The former geography teacher has spearheaded the movement for London to become the world’s first national park city – and it’s happening later this month”

Evening Standard 19 July 2019: Falcons and Foxes Make Us a National Park City. Next week something historic is happening. London will become the world’s first National Park City. For many people the idea will sound bizarre, especially if you are used to visiting the UK’s beautiful and important National Parks. But while the thinking is new, it’s not bizarre to think of some of our metropolises as National Park Cities. It’s actually bizarre not to.

New Scientist 17 July 2019: All hail London’s urban jungle as it becomes first national park city. No planet B | With impressive biodiversity and ecosystems, London should set a trend for metropolises everywhere as it becomes the first National Park City in the world.
“I’m not moving to the country, it is moving to me when London becomes the world’s first National Park City”

The Londonist, July 2019: Celebrate London’s Green Spaces in the National Park City Festival – This July, a new festival is here to help Londoners discover this great urban outdoors, with hundreds of free events taking place in forests, rooftop gardens, and riverbanks all over the capital.

Evening Standard: National Theatre River Stage 2019: What to see, from dance to drag shows Celebrate everything green and mark London’s new status as the world’s first National Park City. It’s an interactive sort of weekend as viewers can get involved with hula-hooping workshops or Ashley Peevor’s Living Costumes which explore our connection with urban greenery through costumes made of real grass.

Evening Standard 10 June 2019: Londoners, you now live in a National Park — so get out into the glorious greenery and enjoy it – Julian Glover

Evening Standard 31 May 2019: The Mayor will … be launching the capital’s National Park City Festival from July 19 to celebrate London’s green spaces and wildlife habitats.

Evening Standard 24 May 2019: Let’s plant a million trees and make London a true urban forest

Country Walking Magazine, June 2019: Fall in Love with London – walk the world’s first National Park

World Economic Forum, May 2019: “nature is a “need to have”, not a “nice to have”, according to the National Park City Foundation.”nature is a “need to have”, not a “nice to have”, according to the National Park City Foundation.”

Museums and Heritage Advisor Apr 2019: Cultural institutions declare climate emergency with disruptive horse-led procession through London. Declarers including Somerset House, were Battersea Arts Centre, Cardboard Citizens, HOME, Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, London National Park City, Royal Court Theatre, Jerwood Arts, The Junction and Invisible Dust.

London Live: London’s National Park City Festival 20 – 28th July.- an interview with Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London (duration 01:17).

Environment Journal: Mayor announces London’s first National Park City Festival.

BBC Cities: Nature’s New Wild episode 3: Watch the brilliant #NaturesNewWild on iPlayer from 52 minutes for a feature on the London #NationalParkCity, health and nature with @WildintheCity1 and the brilliant @friends_earth #10xGreener project with @Daubeneyfields. iPlayer (probably UK only), watch last 10 minutes of episode 3:

CNN Nov 2018: How London will become a National Park City (clip). With its traffic-clogged streets and polluted air it may seem like an unlikely choice, but the bustling metropolis of London is set to become the world’s first National Park City. Source: CNN

Esquire Nov 2018: London is the world’s first city to be named a National Park.

Globus Oct 2018: Together for a Greener LondonOne of the most important considerations of green infrastructure is connectivity – gardens and squares in isolation provide nowhere near the amount of benefits that green corridors do.”

Time Out 17 Jul 2018: Help make London the world’s first National Park City at this week of cracking outdoor events

Evening Standard 25 June 2018: National Park City Week: The best eco-friendly events to go to in London

Positive News April 2018: London will become the world’s first National Park City An ambitious plan to turn London into the world’s first national park city has received the backing of the mayor, Sadiq Khan, and the majority of ward counsellors. It could now happen by 2019, and campaigners are calling on Londoners to back it by ‘rewilding’ as much of the urban landscape as possible.

Hong Kong Economic Journal: London National Park City Both London and Hong Kong are faced with the problem of high property prices and there is also limited room for development. London is committed to increasing green land and turning the city into a National Park City.

Lonely Planet Mar 2018: You can join a blooming great campaign to plant nine million wildflowers in London

Time Out London, Mar 2018: Join a campaign to plant 9 million wildflowers in London

Evening Standard 23 Feb 2018: Mayor launches a week of green events for the capital The campaign to declare London the world’s first National Park City received another boost today when Sadiq Kahn unveiled plans for a week of events this summer celebrating its green spaces.

Horticulture Week: Sadiq Khan calls for ideas and input for first London National Park City Week London mayor Sadiq Khan has announced a new London National Park City Week to take place in July.

Time Out London: The world’s first National Park City … Mayor Sadiq Khan and members of the London Assembly were already on board but now the majority of the London’s council wards – 53 percent of the capital – have backed the idea, as this map shows….

Walk – The Ramblers Magazine 22 Feb 2018: Walk and Talk: The urban explorer and ‘guerilla geographer’ is leading the campaign to make London a National Park City. Also here.

Lonely Planet: The world’s first ‘National Park City’ is set to be in the UK. London is preparing to become the world’s first ‘National Park City’, with thanks to the backing of the Mayor of London, members of the London Assembly and many of the city’s councillors.

Time Out London: It’s official. London will become the world’s first National Park City. Today the campaign has finally declared victory. The majority of council wards – 53 percent of the capital – have backed the idea. London will become a National Park City! Also this story. “Now that it’s been given the green light, the campaigners are hoping to launch the National Park City in 2019. Watch this (green) space.”

National Geographic Feb 2018 (Guest edited by Lily Cole): “Watching London”: Can London be a National Park City?

Horticulture Week 25 Jan 2018: London borough to link up green spaces as part of National Park City movement – The cabinet of the east London local authority has approved The Connecting Green Spaces programme, which will aim to improve park entrances and boundaries, promote better connections between green spaces, and connect green spaces together where they are currently dissected by roads. It also agreed to formally endorse the campaign to make London the world’s first National Park City

FutureArch Dec 17/Jan 18: Agenda: Would London Benefit from being made a National Park? (p6 & p16) – Landscape architects and others give their view.

London News Online, Jan 18: Could London Soon Be A National Park [City]? Lewisham have given their full support to making London a National Park City.

The British Association of Nature Conservationists, Dec 17: London’s National Park City: Towards a new urban ecosystem?

Time Out London, 3 Oct 17: This map of London’s green spaces shows what the city would look like without buildings

Geographical, 3 Oct 17: London National Park City Foundation launched

Time Out: The Green Edition: 47% of our city is green cover and editorial

Evening Standard: Mayor Sadiq Khan backs plan to make London the world’s first urban national park

HuffPost: How The London Environment Strategy Will Make The Capital One Of The Greenest Cities On Earth

ITV News: Can London be transformed into a National Park City?

BBC News: London mayor launches bid to improve city’s green credentials

Evening Standard editorial: A bold idea to make London into an urban National Park has today won the support of Mayor Sadiq Khan … imaginative thinking such as this should be encouraged and parts of the idea, at least, could be considered.

City AM: Going green: London mayor Sadiq Khan sets out his plans to make the capital a National Park City by 2019

Horticulture Week: London draft environment strategy aims to kick start green space transformation Green groups praise Sadiq Khan’s pledge to make London world’s first National Park City

BusinessGreen: London Mayor launches bid to create world’s first National Park City

BBC One Countryfile: CitiesAnita Rani joins Daniel Raven-Ellison on a walk along London’s longest and thinnest nature reserve, and she get’s a sneak preview of a new map, showing all the green spaces in London for the first time.

Financial Times: Campaigners call for a new National Park — In London – With 8m trees and 14,000 species of wildlife, the capital should be recognised as an ecological as well as a financial centre, say campaigners — and the mayor agrees [subscription required to read]

Time Out: The highlights from London Fox Fortnight – Even the most jaded Londoner has to admit that spotting a fox is a bit exciting. Often confined to late nights and early mornings, the times you do catch a glimpse of them, they dash off at any slight movement.

The Architects’ Journal: Revealed: Winning ideas in contest for London National Park City

Londonist: How to fill London with natureThe rows of London terrace houses look familiar enough. But the space once filled with cars and tarmac is now home to long grass, miniature allotments and a winding footpath.

Time Out: What a greener London could look likeThe winners plan to enhance the city’s wildlife population, air quality and even change the way Londoners travel into work. Maybe wellies will be the next big trend in officewear?

East London Enquirer: The future is green

Enfield Gazette: Explorer embarking on trek across 32 London boroughs sets off from Enfield

National Geographic: One man’s plan to transform a major city into a national park

Time Out: The campaigners hoping to turn London into a National Park City are calling for your ideas

Time Out: An urban wanderer walked all across London. Here’s what he found.

BBC Wildlife Magazine Feb 2017: Concrete Conservation “Our urban landscape offers great opportunities to wildlife of all kinds, so why not create the world’s first National Park City?”

The Croydon Citizen Jan 2017: What Croydon stands to gain from Greater London becoming a National Park City

BBC Radio 4 Open Country Jan 2017: London: A National Park City?

The London Economic: The Making of a National Park City

The Independent: 10,000 people died as a result of air pollution in London last year, but there’s something we can do about it

BBC World Service, World Update: Will London become the world’s first National Park City? [AUDIO]

Time Out: This gorgeously verdant map shows all of London’s green bits

Londonist: London should be a National Park City: This event explains why

Time Out: Is London any closer to becoming a National Park City?

Time Out: Front Cover

Geographical: London: A walk in the parkIn the 2016 London Mayoral election, the city’s natural environment was high on the agenda. Geographical asks: does the capital have a green future, and what might it look like?

Love Nature: London: The world’s first National Park City?

Indy100: This map shows that London is probably a lot greener than you think it is

BBC Earth: How a city can save its wildlife

Salzburg Global: A National Park City is where Individuals Have Power“National Park City would be a new kind of national park,” said Raven-Ellison, Fellow of the first Parks for the Planet Forum.

Evening Standard: Nine in 10 want London to become world’s first ‘park city’

Centre for London, London Essays: Biodivercity, Ecologists: A Threatened Species and London’s Empty Childhoods

ITV News: TV Report

Nature of Cities: London as a National Park City

Resurgence & Ecologist: London Campaign Seeks National Park City Status

The Guardian: Extend UK National Park model across London, say campaigners

City AM: A campaign to turn Greater London into the world’s first national park city needs your help

Londonist: London Assembly Supports Proposal To Make London A National Park City

BBC London News: Campaign to make London a National Park City

The Guardian: Welcome to the UK’s latest national park… London

The Independent: 47 per cent of London is green space: Is it time for our capital to become a national park?

London Live: Campaign to make London a National Park

The Guardian: Why Greater London should be made into an urban national park

BBC Mundo: El proyecto para convertir a Londres en la primera ciudad-parque nacional del mundo



Grace & Thorn: London – The First National Park City (he’s only just gone and done it!): The ethos is really about thinking of our cities as another landscape, rather than just a grey pile of pollution, capitalism and angry people in a hurry. The National Park City team are all for a bit of team effort, like joining or setting up your own gardening groups, helping people get back into the swing of things after setbacks through nature and horticultural projects … But if you’re more of a solitary bee that’s fine too, it’s just about stuffing your window boxes with a bit of life and getting your arse out and into a park – they’ve got us this title now, we’d better prove we deserve it!!!

Royal Overseas League: Walking on the Wild Side of London: From a walker’s point of view, there were many places, especially on the LOOP, where there was no indication of being in an urban area, let alone the capital. This is to be expected, given the nature of urban planning, and many miles were in Green Belt and farmland. A particular observation was how nice it was to see local parks being used – residents really value their open spaces., Oct 2017: Could London be the world’s first National Park City? It’s an idea that has got London’s nature lovers salivating. Could London, one of the world’s busiest metropolises, become a National Park City, and what does that mean exactly?

Zetteler: London National Park City Map. Over 3,000 parks and open spaces, 147 nature reserves, 300 farms, four UNESCO World Heritage sites, 8.3 million trees, and thousands upon thousands of vegetables grown on no fewer than 673 allotments. It’s got all the makings of a bucolic daydream; some sort of idyllic county brimming with hay bales and wild strawberries. In fact, all of this is right on your doorstep. All of this can be found in London.

Richard Priestly, Dec 2017: London National Park CityIt is an idea whose time is now. Its creation would be a major step in the long struggle to improve the living conditions of Londoners, and it would be a beacon for other cities to follow.”

Ordnance Survey Blog, Oct 2017: Beautiful new map of London – created to celebrate the outdoors

The IUCN Blog, Oct 2017: National Park City Foundation Launched! “…. The energy in the room was palpable …”

CPRE – Campaign for Protection of Rural England, Aug 2017: National Park City: The way to a greener London? In his draft Environment Strategy published this month, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has followed up on his commitment to support the London ‘National Park City’ initiative.

Thomas Glen: London, A National Park City? (YouTube) While walking around the greenwich Ecology Park in north greenwich- London, I ponder the idea of London becoming an oasis for wildlife, under the title of “national park city”.

Studio 31: Connecting People and the Outdoors. “When we design a park or a community space, we give people more useful, more accessible connection to nature and so when we think about the National Park City campaign, we’ve suddenly seen our work in a new light. Seen how in some small way through garden design or landscape architecture we can contribute something small to something bigger and perhaps more powerful than any urban city has seen before.”

The Sod Show Garden Podcast: Ben Brace speaks about the vision behind National Park City. Ben, a Chartered Landscape Architect, fully qualified Horticulturist, Volunteer Tree Warden, balcony gardener and picking coordinator for Abundance London talks about his involvement in making London a National Park City.

Wild City Kitchen: What If … London was a National Park City? “… a community meeting, the night was a chance for campaigners to promote their causes, champion some blue-sky thinking and ultimately move the audience to action.”

London Youth: What If … London was a National Park City? “…we’d smile more!”

The Curiosity Shop: What If London became the first National Park City? “A glorious thought experiment. A big beautiful statement of intent.”

Reflections on the Dew Pond: What If London became a National Park City? “What If? Just Imagine.”

New Weather Institute, Andrew Simms: Celebrating Life on Earth: make London the first National Park City “We are the life we seek ‘out there’.”

The John Muir Trust: The Making of a National Park City “London’s Royal Festival Hall played host not to a concert or a conference, but a community gathering. “

Richly Evocative: Escape to a Wilder City “The idea’s essential wrongness stemmed only from my pre-conceived view of how a National Park should look and feel.”

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