Could you become a National Park City Champion?

The next 6 months are huge for the London National Park City as we build on the launch in July.

We want to reach as many people around London to let them know that London is becoming a National Park City, what that means, and what they can do to be involved.

We are challenging you to become a National Park City Champion. Champions will reach out to friends, groups, organisations and companies. To present to them National Park City and to explore the ideas with them, and then to take part and make their own difference.

We invite you to become a Champion if:

1. You will have an interest in the London National Park City and related ideas - enjoying the outdoors and making life better by making it greener, wilder, healthier.

2. You are interested in taking that story out to groups, organisations and companies, and to use our tools to engage them with our vision and your own experience and knowledge.

If that sounds of interest, please register your interest on our form and we will let you know when the next workshop is organised.

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