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London National Park City is all about what you want to make it. By working together on the things that you’re passionate about then we can get so much more done and faster too!

If you’ve got an idea about a group you’d like to start, or want to connect with like-minded people and get some ideas first of all the you should visit our free online community at

Many schools and businesses already have their own Green Teas, with like-minded people coming together to encourage recycling, cutting energy usage and doing what they can to make their community more environmentally friendly. A National Park City Group could be just like that, doing things together to make life better by making places greener, healthier and wilder or getting outdoors to enjoy London more.

It may just be your family wanting to brighten your home with more plants on the windowsill, neighbours wishing to work together to make their street more lush and green, colleagues at work keen to have more outdoor and walking meetings, a set of sports clubs based around a playing field, a group of schools wanting to do more outdoor learning, two local Friends of Parks groups who want to sign post a walking route between the two parks.

Perhaps you are a member of a residents association, a social group, an allotment society, or local volunteering group. Is there another local group that you could join forces with, to work together on a local project? Is there a neglected corner that you could ask your local allotment society to help you out with? Are there empty holes where trees used to be in your streets which you could get together to ask your council to plant up?

Groups that you can join today

London Fungus Network

The London Fungus Network exists to connect mycologically-curious humans with the urban Fungal Kingdom/Queendom. Join us for Myco-Meetups, Fungus Forays, Open-Myc Nights and more mushroom-inspired fun. Part of London National Park City and run by London National Park City Rangers.


London’s parks and green spaces are under more pressure than ever so we need to continuously demonstrate why we must protect them.

If you’re a ‘Friends of a Park’ organisation get setup on GoParks. CPRE London and Greentalk have assembled an amazing set of resources for promoting the more than 4,000 public parks and gardens across London.

Schools Network

The LNPC Schools Network was active up until 2022. We’re currently consulting about what approach will be best for all educators across London. If you’re interested in helping us shape our approach please get in touch to register your interest.

How to get started

Setting up your Group

If you are thinking about setting up a Group the first steps can be very simple:

  1. Find at least one other person who wants to be in the group
  2. Read the guide in our Maker Paper, including the section on p44-45 on ‘How to be a National Park City Maker’
  3. Go on a walking meeting together around your neighbourhood / work place / park / school / high street / wherever you are thinking about setting up your group
  4. Use the walk to generate some ideas of what you would like to see more of, could be better or happening more. Ask What If? What if it was wilder? What if there was more community art? What if you went on more adventures together?
  5. Share your idea(s) with other people in your community and see if anyone is interested in helping out make them a reality.
  6. Promote your ideas and join the Community where you can share your ideas and meet with others who are working towards similar goals.

Ideas and Example for Your Group

Here’s some examples of what people setting up Groups have told us that they are hoping to do:

  • Clean river and rewild the park
  • Walks/outings twice a month
  • John Muir awards and tidy around us
  • Raise awareness within our office, gather experience and organise events to support action days
  • Visit green places of all sizes in London
  • Get local people talking and involved
  • Engage people with nature more
  • We would like to organise regular community events on our local Green
  • Work with allotment groups and childrens’ community groups
  • Everything, encouraging activities outdoors, learning experiences and volunteering, as well as rewilding, etc

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