How to provide digital information in the park using video

We have recently installed a digital component to our Nature Trail in Jubilee Country Park. The aim is to encourage more young people to use the park and to provide seasonal information with both audio and visual impact.

Small screens can be difficult to read in bright sunlight.

We enlisted the help of 48 year 5 pupils at Bromley High Junior School, led by their science teacher, Mrs Sheetal Kowalczyk. Helped by the Friends of Jubilee Country Park, they took photos at each of sixteen observation points over two field days and, with biodiversity expertise from Dr Judy John, we converted these into PowerPoint presentations with a commentary read by the participants.

 To make these public over the internet, we converted them to YouTube videos and embedded them into a dedicated Digital Nature Trail website. Each web-page covers one observation point and will eventually give the choice of learning about each season in the park. To access we use a QR-code at each point in the park, giving access to the appropriate web-page using a smartphone or tablet with a QR-reader installed. The web page URL is also printed on the plaque so can be entered directly for those without a QR reader. By using a website we can maintain the information without changing the QR-code.

We successfully launched ‘Autumn’ in October and are currently working on Summer. The launch was organised by the school and attended by the mayor of Bromley as well as the leader of the council. The plan is to launch Summer and Spring as they become available.

The pupils are very proud of their achievements and have great memories of their adventure. You can see the videos on our website The software we used is listed on the acknowledgements page. Forgetting the hours involved, the only cost we incurred was for the weather-proof plaques!

 Scanning the trail at one of the posts along the trail. Photo: Susan Folkes.

Scanning the trail at one of the posts along the trail. Photo: Bromley High Junior School.

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