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Community Garden Drawing Workshop

In Good Company

Your business can bring London National Park City to more people

Our In Good Company programme is an invitation to you and your colleagues to participate in making our city greener, healthier and wilder. We’ll help you practically deliver against your ESG programmes and initiatives, in ways that build and enrich social and natural capital.

The National Park City movement began with a question; what if we thought of our cities in the same way we think about National Parks? What would we value as important? How might we make decisions differently? What role would each of us play in shaping the city to be a place where people and nature are better connected?

We’ll ask you to sign up to our Charter for London which sets out our collective ambition to reconnect every citizen with urban nature, and to equip communities with the ability to make their neighbourhoods greener, healthier and wilder.

What your support will provide

1. Inspire people in London

Inspire Londoners to connect with and care for urban nature within their local communities, understanding the value and benefits of nature connection.

2. Practical Local Action

Enable whole communities to take the lead in practical climate and biodiversity action together within their streets and neighbourhoods.

3. Empower our Rangers

Expand the scale, reach and diversity of our Ranger community; enhancing their skills, confidence, and ability to develop and deliver projects within their communities

4. Grow our global movement

Inspire more cities to become National Park Cites: over a dozen cities around the world are on the journey to become National Park Cities.

With the help of you and your business we can get more people outdoors, and bring the outdoors to more people – improving the health and wellbeing of thousands of people in neighbourhoods across London.

By supporting the London National Park City you’ll be helping improve the health and wellbeing of every Londoner. Improving our air and water quality, providing greater access to high-quality green spaces, making our city more resilient, and creating more space for nature to thrive.

If you represent a local business, operate across London or internationally we’d be keen to discuss how you might benefit from supporting us and getting involved with our work. There’s a role for every business to play its part in making our city greener, healthier and wilder.

Meet our partners In Good Company

Be part of our In Good Company community

We work with hundreds of Londoners through our community events, online and social media work, Ranger led walks, and workshops. Whether we’re planting trees, upcycling fashion or furniture, participating in teach-meets and outdoor learning, picking up litter, digitally recording nature, or tending to allotments, we have dozens of ways businesses might get involved.

Over 300 organisations and businesses of all shapes and sizes have already signed our Charter.

Our volunteer Rangers are drawn from and represent the diverse communities of London: 8.2% identify as having a disability, 18.6% identify as LGBTIQ+, 17.0% come from a lower socio-economic background, 12 religion/faith groups and 25 ethnic communities are represented.

We have a large and active social media following, and our free online community has hundreds of people actively sharing events and activities from locations all across London. 

We aim to support and promote around 250 events every year, and with our pop-up Visitors Centre at 109 Fleet Street we have a community led space to host public and private events, discussions and workshops.

Two levels of support and partnership

Ranger Lauren Art workshop

Ranger Partners

Your business can help by directly funding 10 to 12 Ranger-led projects across London, and will include hands-on volunteering opportunities for your staff within the community.

  • Your support will provide necessary equipment, materials and resources to directly support on-the-ground urban greening projects.
  • You’ll be demonstrating the value of your business to Londoners, and delivering a practical demonstration how you support our Charter commitments.
  • We’ll showcase your business as a National Park City Supporter, with opportunities for marketing and promotion, featuring the projects and Ranger-led projects you directly support.
  • Members of our staff and Ranger teams will be available for in-person presentations at your offices to your own team on the importance and excitement that comes with reconnecting with nature.
  • We will provide you with a bespoke Ranger Partner impact report, blog posts, and social media content through the term of the project.
  • Each Partnership runs for one calendar year, and can be renewed annually.
Stave Hill Rangers

Movement Partners

We’re looking for a small number of movement building partnerships who can support our core mission, the work of our Rangers and those seeking a deeper engagement for your staff and colleagues.

  • In Good Company Movement Partners will support our small staff team, and our hundreds of volunteers active across London.
  • As a long-term strategic partner you will help us bring our story to millions of people in London and dozens of cities worldwide.
  • Your direct support can help us activate our network of existing partners, and establish new partnerships in every neighbourhood of London.
  • As with our Ranger Partners you’ll support our core work and 10-12 ranger projects each year.
  • You’ll benefit from multiple volunteering days throughout the year, along with bespoke content and marketing opportunities, and the opportunity to host events in our Visitors Centre on Fleet Street.
  • Our Director and Trustees will be available for presentations and talks with your team, colleagues and other stakeholders.
  • Your branding will appear on programme outputs including Headline Branding on our In Good Company site and Ranger apparel.
  • We will provide you with a bespoke Ranger Partner impact report, blog posts, and social media content through the term of the project.
  • Each Partnership runs for one calendar year, and can be renewed annually.

Get in touch and be In Good Company

By supporting the work of London National Park City through our In Good Company programme you’ll be joining an active community of passionate people motivated to make our city greener, healthier and wilder.

In Good Company is good for:

  • Your reputation: by delivering tangible projects that build and enrich social and natural capital in London.
  • Your staff: engage your colleagues and employees, through inspiring and active volunteering opportunities.
  • Your customers: inspire the people you cater to with social video, photography and written content that can be shared by your organisation
  • Your reach: improve your profile through our broad audience and communications reach across the London National Park City community.
  • Your stakeholders: Show your commitment with a bespoke Impact Report aligned with your wider goals and objectives as a purpose driven organisation.

If you would like to find out more about how your business could partner with us at the National Park City, please fill out this form with your contact details, and relevant information about your organisation and interests.

You’ll receive an email confirmation which you’ll need to respond to after you submit your details, then we’ll be in touch.

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