JCDecaux helped us Do London Differently

There’s a role for every business in London to play its part in making our city greener, healthier and wilder. Whether through gifts in kind, partnerships and direct funding. (You can find out how to get in touch at the end of this blog).

Over the summer we were fortunate to receive extensive support from the outdoor media company JCDecaux who generously supported us through their Community Channel initiative with an 8-week outdoor advertising blitz running on 96 high-profile roadside digital poster sites across London.

This outdoor activity formed the backdrop for our #DoLondonDifferently campaign where we introduced 40 grassroots leaders making a difference within their local communities either as London National Park City Rangers or leading inspiring neighbourhood projects that welcome everyone to play their part.

The JCDecaux team made a great video featuring our Executive Director talking about the difference their support as a business made for London National Park City:

JCDecaux Community Channel film showcasing London National Park City

The campaign which ran over June and July 2023 generated over 35 million impressions across the 96 sites, and was an equivalent media spend of an amazing £575,000.

JCDecaux were not only generous in their support but their whole team helped with advice and were very patient as we built and delivered the creative campaign. The 40 different creative executions can all be found at nationalparkcity.london/dolondondifferently along with brief summaries and contact details of their inspiring work.

Photography was an important element and we remain very grateful to the amazing work of our Ranger, Michael Schilling. Along with additional images shared by Mael Henaff, Dominique-Rivoal and the team at Omved Gardens. Producing this work was also the catalyst for creating a large amount of support material for social media and our website.

Be In Good Company

When we’re looking for businesses to support London National Park City we want you to consider this as an open invitation for you and your colleagues to participate in bringing the outdoors to more people, and getting more people outdoors for the first time.

This invitation is open to businesses of all sizes who support our Charter – we wouldn’t expect every offer of support to be at the scale of JCDecaux, but the important thing is how we leverage your support to help our Rangers be more impactful and get more people involved.

If you represent a local business, operate across London or internationally we’d be keen to discuss how you might benefit from supporting us and getting involved with our work.

Find out more at nationalparkcity.london/business

With your help we can improve the health and wellbeing of thousands of people in neighbourhoods across London.

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