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Thinking of something new for 2023? What if you joined our community of Rangers who aim to make life better in London National Park City?

We are looking to recruit around 50 volunteer London National Park City Rangers to share their vision for a greener, healthier and wilder London.

London National Park City Rangers are nature connectors, optimists, artists, rewilders, local guides, photographers, gardeners, writers, teachers, storytellers and people with other skills and talents to share with others.

You’ll be a catalyst within your community – leading walks, running workshops, connecting people with nature, celebrating the great outdoors, and the amazing people and organisations that are seeking to protect it and get more people outside.

What you will do as a Ranger will vary according to your own skills, experience and capacity. We have teachers, policy makers, beekeepers and shopkeepers, artists, architects and doctors – every type of role you can imagine.

You can scale a project you are already working on, bring fresh ideas or simply your proactive energy to create something new with other Rangers or support them with their existing work.

You can find out what’s involved and expected of you as a Ranger here in our application pack.

Start your application today

When you’re ready to apply you just need to fill in a few details about yourself and answer 5 simple questions.

You can submit either as a written answer, or a short video or other format if it’s easier for you. You don’t need to do both and won’t be judged on how you submit – it’s just what’s most comfortable for you.

We will be accepting applications up until Sunday 26th February, so don’t delay apply today.

If you have any questions please contact our Ranger Coordinators via

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