Read the People’s Manifesto For Wildlife

The People’s Manifesto for Wildlife

  • Was conceived to publish a set of informed ideas from a parliament of strong, independent voices. Ideas which, if implemented today, would make a huge difference for wildlife tomorrow.
  • Presents a series of essays by 18 Ministers highlighting some of the most critical concerns affecting the UK landscape and its species, each accompanied by ten commandments – ‘no-brainer’ solutions to the problems.
  • Has been written to be accessible to everyone with an interest in the health of our countryside and a respect for the species that live there. It is not a dull, dry report – please read it yourselves! Don’t just read what someone else says about it.

Read the manifesto for yourself over on Chris Packham’s website

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A Successful People’s Walk for Wildlife 22 Sep 2018

We joined the People’s Walk for Wildlife on 22nd September and enjoyed meeting so many people handing out our giant map of London National Park City and chatting with people about their ideas for London. 

Thousands joined Chris Packham and other famous faces to walk to Downing Street, where Chris and the Ministers for the Young handed in the manifesto calling for an end to the ‘war on wildlife’.

The event was inspiring and it was fantastic to see so many different people and groups there. The bird song being played on mobile phones through the streets of London was a memory which will live with us for a long time!

We Can Care but now is the Time to Take Action

It’s time that we converted our national love for nature programmes on TV into taking action to protect endangered wildlife.

A study by the WWF and Zoological Society of London found that the number of wild animals on Earth has halved in the past 40 years. Here in the UK research has found that one in seven wildlife species are at risk of extinction.

There have been major international assemblies, protests and marches to fight poverty, stop war, tackle climate change and in support women, science and gay pride. For some reason, until now, there has been no major gathering in support of wildlife that calls for action to halt the decline and extinction of species.

Led by naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham, the People’s Walk for Wildlife was an opportunity for us to come together and demonstrate how much we value nature. 

Just like Pride, the Women’s March and Stop the War, we don’t have to agree on all the solutions to agree that radically more needs to be done and that we should come together to say that.


Why not wear a #NationalParkCity T-shirt to the walk? We have a small selection to order on our T-Shirts page.

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Read more over on this page from Chris Packham’s website.


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