London in Numbers

Joshua Afonso

London is one of the greenest cities in the world for its size.

Besides 8.6 million people, London is home to more than 8.3 million trees and 14,000 species of wildlife.

Let’s think of London not just as a political, cultural and financial centre, but as an ecological centre too.

Green and Blue

  • 47% green* – parks, gardens, woodlands…
  • 2.5% blue* – ponds, puddles, canals, rivers, lakes
  • And only 9-10% of London is domestic buildings.
  • London has lots of roads but put together they make up just 12% of London space.
  • London has 3.8 million gardens cover 24% of the capital. Gardens are where Londoners have very real power to protect, conserve and create life.

* Statistics by Greenspace Information for Greater London.

 London is truly remarkable

  • 1,572 km2 in area                            
  • 3.8 million gardens                          
  • 8.6 million people
  • 8.3 million trees                               
  • 14,000 species
  • 30,000 allotments                            
  • 3,000 parks
  • 300 farms                                         
  • 50+ canoe clubs
  • 1,000kms of signed footpaths          
  • 850kms of rivers, canals and streams
  • 14,000 wildlife species                     
  • 2 Special Protection Areas
  • 3 Special Areas of Conservation     
  • 4 UNESCO sites
  • 37 SSSIs                                          
  • 142 Local Nature Reserves
  • 1,400 Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation
  • 2 National Nature Reserves – Richmond Park and Ruislip Woods

This page was kindly illustrated by Joshua, aged 9.5 who picked making London a National Park City as his homework project. The Yr4 children at Alexandra School in Kingston, London were asked to research a UK city and share their findings in any way that they chose! As a long term supporter of the London National Park City, attending many of our events with his mother Maria Sprostranova (one of Kingston’s own Green Heroes @MSprostranova), Joshua dedicated his homework piece to sharing our amazing news and green stats with the rest of his school! 

Perhaps you too could have a go at a poster celebrating London National Park City in numbers? We’d love to see them at or on Twitter at @LondonNPC.

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