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Supporting the global movement of National Park Cities

National Park City cities are long-term grassroots movements for everyone making their cities greener, healthier and wilder. London became the first National Park City in 2019, with Adelaide joining in 2021. Dozens more cities around the world are on the journey including; Glasgow, Cardiff, Breda, Rotterdam, Southampton and Chattanooga – we are on course for at least 25 National Park Cities by 2025.

With the majority of the world’s population now living in urban areas, National Park Cities are an inspiring way to rethink cities, their futures and how we inhabit them. National Park Cities are about the whole place and landscape – where everyone can be involved and help make a difference to improve city life for nature and people alike.

The National Park City Charter sets out our long-term achievable vision showing what we can do by working, learning, sharing and acting together, across communities, governments, and businesses. The Charter confirms our collective ambition, responsibility and power to deliver all these things and more.

The National Park City Foundation

The National Park City Foundation, is the registered charity (no. 1173267) behind the London National Park City which launched in 2019, and steward of the global movement supporting other cities all around the world on their journey towards becoming National Park Cities.

The National Park City Foundation exists to:

  • Provide support and leadership for the National Park City movement
  • Coordinate and develop our shared global vision
  • Galvanise the London National Park City movement
  • Establish and grow beneficial partnerships and collaborations
  • Lead inspiring campaigns and activities that contribute towards our shared National Park City aims
  • Fundraise and access new resources
  • Advise other groups and cities inspired by the model 


The National Park City Journey Book sets out the 10 steps and 23 criteria for making your city a National Park City.

It sets out step-by-step how to develop a creative ‘portfolio of evidence’ for the public and our assessors, and sets out the benefits of joining the National Park City Family.

The National Park City Journey Book was written in collaboration with World Urban Parks and Salzburg Global Seminar with help from colleagues around the world.

The Universal Charter

The National Park City FoundationWorld Urban Parks and Salzburg Global Seminar have through an international conversation developed the Universal Charter For National Park Cities – co-created by people in 50 countries who are working together for better:

  • Lives, health and wellbeing
  • Relationships with nature and with each other
  • Wildlife, trees and flowers
  • Places, habitats, air, water, sea and land
  • Locally grown food and responsible consumption
  • Decisions, sharing, learning and working together
  • Time outdoors, culture, art, playing, walking, cycling and eating
  • Everyone can join the growing National Park City family and help make our cities greener, healthier and wilder.
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