Positions and Statements

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Positions and Statements

We're part of a bigger conversation

London National Park City is a powerful story and narrative to help people imagine different futures for how we live in cities in the coming decades, better connected to nature and to each other.

We also support allies and fellow collaborators who are looking to imagine just such different futures across the whole of society. On behalf of the National Park City movement have taken the following positions and support the following organisations as part of this wider conversation.

The Climate Coalition

The Climate Coaltion

We joined the Climate Coalition in January 2024, the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action on the climate and nature crises. A are a group of over 130 organisations — including the National Trust, Women’s Institute, Oxfam, and RSPB — with a combined supporter base of 20 million.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

The National Park City Foundation stands against racism and supports Black Lives Matter. Our origins are in London, the world’s most racially diverse city, where we celebrate difference and diversity at our events, and where our network draws together people from very different backgrounds and experiences who make up the social fabric of the city, and work to make their city greener, healthier and wilder.

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The Race Report

We support and submitted our data to the RACE Report 2023 shows the racial diversity gap between the UK working population and staff in environment, conservation, climate and sustainability charities.

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Development and Planning

We want planning and development in London to be an opportunity to advance London as a National Park City. We believe London’s variety of green and open spaces should be protected, respected and improved and should not be the subject to pressures from development. Individually and as a network London’s green and open spaces provide enormous benefits to Londoners, visitors, to neighbourhoods and to wildlife alike.

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