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Join the Inspiral adventure and do something unique by exploring the whole of London as a National Park by following any section of this spiral walk in and out of the city centre.

InspiralLondon is a new artist-designed metropolitan trail – a collective on the ground mapping – that provides a new walking experience in and out of London. An anti-clockwise spiral walk from Kings Cross, unwinding from its centre; crossing the Thames by bridge, foot tunnel, cable car and ferry ten times to end and begin again at Gravesend.

InspiralLondon creates 300-miles of path way, divided into 36 segments all easily accessible by public transport, allowing anyone – strollers, walkers, urban explorers, excursionists, urban ecologists – to experience the city and its environs as one vast art space in which to re-imagine the built, artificial and natural environments.

From 2018-2020 InspiralLondon continues to broaden its work, providing a platform for events, festivals and walks; alongside the publication of pamphlets, booklets, maps and books, offering a unique range of responses to the experience of being in and exploring the Metropole and its expanding hinterlands. The Inspiral Trail, coordinated by InspiralLondon CIC, is an original idea conceived by counterproductions in 2013.


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The London boroughs are the 32 local authority districts that make up Greater London; each is governed by a London borough council. Including the City of London, makes 33. Each has their own unique landscape, character and history.

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