Greater London National Park City Proposal

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The Proposal

The Greater London National Park City Proposal

In July 2015 we released the Greater London National Park City Proposal. It started with a question…What If?

What the Proposal called for

Over 18 months, a movement has been growing, drawing together Londoners who want to make our city greener, healthier, fairer and even more beautiful.

Who’s involved?

All kinds of people – cyclists, scientists, tree climbers, teachers, students, pensioners, unemployed, under-employed, doctors, swimmers, gardeners, artists, walkers, kayakers, activists, wildlife watchers, politicians, children, parents and grandparents.

We are a group of people who believe we have the potential to benefit more from our incredible city and that, in turn, our city has the potential to benefit more from us, too.
Ours is a people’s movement, and together we’ve started something.

In just one year, our initiative has gained support from more than 100 organisations, ranging from small community groups

to universities and large companies.

The London Assembly unanimously passed a motion to help us develop our vision.

Support has come from Conservative, Green, Liberal Democrats and Labour politicians and four London councils.

This paper follows a major event at Southbank, a public consultation, and has been made possible by a successful crowdfunding campaign backed by 347 individuals and organisations.

What’s the aim? For Londoners to declare Greater London the world’s first National Park City.

Turning our capital into a National Park City will help:

  • Ensure 100% of Londoners have free and easy access to high-quality green space
  • Connect 100% of London’s children to nature
  • Make the majority of London physically green
  • Improve London’s air and water quality, year on year
  • Improve the richness, connectivity and biodiversity of London’s habitats
  • Inspire the building of affordable green homes
  • Inspire new business activities
  • Promote London as a Green World City
  • Nurture a shared National Park City identity for Londoners

How? The Government is not being asked to designate Greater London as a National Park. By working together to gain the support of at least two thirds of London’s London, we believe that we can create something new. A National Park City.

Let’s create something new, inspirational and innovative. 

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