Ranger Application Pack

A group of London National Park City Rangers walking through an autumnal park

Ranger Application Pack

Everything you need to know about applying to become a London National Park City Ranger

The Rangers programme began in March 2020 and has grown to nearly 150 volunteers supporting a greener, healthier and wilder city. You can find out more about our current Rangers here, check out our Rangers Video to meet some of our community and have a look at our blog that features some stories from Rangers.

So you’re interested in becoming a Ranger? But what does it involve?

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What are we looking for in a Ranger?

If you share our vision and want to make a positive difference in London, you are more than halfway there.

We’re looking for people who are keen to share their skills, knowledge or expertise with others. We want our Rangers to bring their ideas to fruition, to actively get involved and commit themselves to supporting our growing community. Everyone has different talents and skills so tell us how you will use yours to make our city a better place for people and nature.

London National Park City Rangers are our figureheads, creating opportunities, connecting people, championing ideas and driving our movement forward. We are looking for some real do-ers – who might work behind the scenes to make things happen and some people who are comfortable speaking in public and to the media, to promote our work.

What do rangers do?

We need honest, passionate and dedicated people to join our National Park City Rangers community. You will be a proactive person willing to actively support the work of London National Park City. In turn, the Rangers community will support you with advice, offer you networking opportunities and teach you new skills to help you develop projects, influence and collaborate with others.

As a Ranger, you’ll volunteer in your community and across the city to inspire and support others to make life better in the capital. You might do things to make the city greener and more beautiful, to tackle the climate crisis, to support people’s health and wellbeing, or perhaps by inspiring people to create art or get outside to exercise and have fun.

We expect that you’ll get involved in real legacy projects that will make our capital greener, healthier and wilder and that your work will inspire and support others in London, across the UK and further afield.

The benefits of becoming a Ranger

Training, peer support and networking

Our Ranger Community come together to support learning, skills development and networking. We’ll kick off with a common induction session that all Rangers will complete. A range of other optional training and workshops will take place aligned with the interests of the community.

Part of a supportive community

Overtime, this network will grow in number, geographical coverage and knowledge base. The National Park City Foundation will use our platform and network to promote you and the work you are doing to make London greener, healthier and wilder.

A member of a growing global community

Overtime, this network will grow in number, geographical coverage and knowledge base. The National Park City Foundation will use our platform and network to promote you and the work you are doing to make London greener, healthier and wilder.

How the Ranger Programme works

Voluntary Roles

The Ranger roles are voluntary (unpaid) but we aim to cover out of pocket expenses where possible. Many who apply will already be doing activities aligned with our vision.

All we ask of our Rangers is that you attend our induction day and commit to spending time volunteering to make London greener, healthier and wilder.

The minimum number of annual volunteer days is 8 but you are obviously welcome to contribute more!

Volunteer Time

You’ll use your time in three ways:

  1. Sharing skills and experiences with others (i.e. other Rangers and the broader community)
  2. Inspire, deliver and support actions that make Londoner greener, healthier and wilder or get more people enjoying themselves outdoors. This may be specific events, projects and activities or collaborations with other local groups and individuals
  3. Help celebrate and champion the National Park City movement (e.g. events, articles, taking part in campaigns).

Diversity and Inclusion

We will accept applications from people aged 14 and over, but if you are between 14 – 18 your application will need to be supported by a parent or guardian.

We aim for the Ranger Community to be representative of London’s demographics. We work hard to reach as many people as possible and will review and consider all the applications received.

We will brief our selection panel in best practice recruitment and will set up a check and challenge to counter any unconscious discrimination or bias.

Rangers project at In A Field By A Bridge

Apply today

Ranger applications are currently open, and we’re on the hunt for more people who share our vision for a greener, healthier and wilder London.

Register your interest today for our 2024 intake.

The Ranger Application Process

If you are interested in applying, click here to register your interest and tell us why you would like to be one of our Rangers, how your skills and passion can inspire change, and leave a positive legacy in the first National Park City in the world.

Selection process and timeline

We ask applicants to answer five questions. We’ll happily accept written, video, poster (or other creative) submissions for the questions.

Applications will be reviewed by the London National Park City Ranger Selection Panel when the next round of recruitment opens.

The key selection questions we ask are:

  1. Please provide a biography similar to the examples available on the rangers page at nationalparkcity.london/rangers (max 50 words)
  2. Why would you like to be a Ranger? (max 1 min video/150 words)
  3. What are you currently doing in your local community, or across London, to make the city greener, healthier and wilder? (max 3 min video/300 words)
  4. What skills/experience will you bring to our community? (max 3 min video/300 words)
  5. Are you involved with any projects or organisations that it might be suitable for us to support? (max 100 words)

Respecting your privacy

The information you provide will be held and managed by the National Park City Foundation. Applications will be shared with the London National Park City Ranger Selection Panel, for the purposes of selection only. For more details please read our Privacy Policy.

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