Ranger-led and supported projects: Part 1

We are delighted to continue working with Right Thing Media to support the delivery of small community projects in London. Right Thing Media support brands and agencies to redirect advertising budgets to support environmental and socio-economic projects.

Through a donation via the Inch’s Cider’s Green Energy Campaign – aiming to make urban areas in London greener and healthier – we were able to support a number of grassroots projects in the City.

These Ranger-led or supported projects allowed the delivery of some lovely community activities, events and initiatives. You can find out more about three of the projects below – Parts 2, 3 and 4 featuring other projects coming soon ???

Shroom Sunday by London Fungus Network

Shroom Sunday 2022

Shroom Sunday took place on Sunday 9th October 2022 at Pimp Hall Nature Reserve in Waltham Forest. It is run by the London Fungus Network, set up by Ranger Mike Green and the wider community, to support people in connecting with, learning about, and understanding nature – with a focus on our fungi friends! 

The event saw over 150 people attend and included forays, children’s arts and crafts, talks on cultivation and medicinal mushrooms and art exhibitions

Following the success of the event, Shroom Sunday will be back on the 15th October this year! You can find more event details on the Shroom Sunday eventbrite page and check out this blog post on LFN written by Ranger Zabby.

MindFood’s Sustainable Wellbeing Programme

MindFood is an Ealing-based charity supporting people with depression, anxiety and stress to improve their wellbeing through gardening, mindfulness & creativity. Their Sustainable Wellbeing Programme is a nature-based approach reconnecting people with nature, teaching food-growing, practising wellbeing self-care techniques like mindfulness, and guaranteeing all 5 ways to wellbeing with every visit: Taking Notice – Connecting – Being Active – Learning – Giving.

The funding allowed the extension of the programme for an additional 12 weeks with participants able to take home food they had helped to grow, as well as a surplus being shared with the local Food Bank.

This film, launched earlier this year, helps to illustrate the impact of MindFood’s work and do check out their website to find out more about the charity, projects and courses.

Community Soil Care Clinic

Community Soil Clinic meeting

The aim of the Community Soil Care Clinic is to create a community facility offering free and low-cost soil testing for growers, community gardeners and anyone with an interest. They have established themselves as a collective and have formed a core Organising Circle, a wider Learning Circle and have set up a Pilot Project involving 5 sites and ~30 volunteers.

The pilot sites represent different geographies, communities and contexts across London, each with its own concerns and questions about soil health and pollution. The funding allowed the purchase of a range of reagent tests, microscope and a refractometer for soil testing at the 5 sites.

The pilot project is in progress and the Community Soil Care Clinic are delighted to have successfully secured further external funding to continue and expand their work. A more detailed blog post on the Community Soil Care Clinic and what the future holds will be posted soon!

Part 2 – coming soon…

Keep an eye out for Part 2 featuring projects including Brockley Station Community Herb Garden, The Ecosystems Regeneration Manuals and Bermondsey Community Orchard.

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