We’re supporting the Grow Urban Festival!

Grow Urban Festival 2024 event

Here at London National Park City we’re all about championing and celebrating the wide range of initiatives that go into making the most of the capital’s urban green spaces.

This is why we’re lending our support to the third edition of the Grow Urban Festival this June! Launched in 2021 with just five grassroots education projects, it was received so well that the week-long event has now grown to become an annual fixture in the greening movement calendar.

This year the festival boasts more than 30 workshops, presentations and other events centred around its key theme of ‘promoting greening and growing across London’ all of which are listed on London National Park City’s Community platform here.

The line up includes everything from mushroom growing – tapping into festival founder Sal Chebbah’s background in mushroom education and conservation – to tours of working community kitchen gardens, guided nature walks and everything in between. The event aims to showcase the many ways London is leading on urban agriculture, food security and sustainability.

Two events from the week are being hosted at our Visitor Centre at 109 Fleet Street. They are: TheHub.earth In conversation with CLEVE WEST and Vegan Gardening (12th June) and Young People Changing the World (14th June). 

Many events are free to attend and there’s something for every age group.

In addition to London National Park City, the festival is supported by the National Trust, Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action (CIVA), The Natural History Museum, The Conduit Club, Elysian Roots – also founded by Chebbah – English horticulturalist Charles Dowding, Great Big Green Week – Climate Coalition, together with over 30 event partners. 

Last year the festival attracted more than 150 visitors and brought together a cross-section of activists, educators, innovators and stewards from across the capital. 

Commenting on her hopes for this year’s festival and the support provided by London National Park City Chebbah said:

The Grow Urban Festival represents the best of community and celebrates the abundance that flourishes when we cultivate gardens and growth mindsets in urban spaces. This year I’m excited to be able to showcase the diversity of London’s urban growing efforts and demonstrate how we have a real opportunity to take centre stage in the broader global greening community. It’s great to strengthen our efforts with the support of partners such as London National Park City, and I’ll be in attendance at several events including those hosted at 109 Fleet Street.

The Grow Urban Festival takes place from 8th to 16th June. We look forward to seeing you there!

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