Sandeep and son

A walk in the woods

At the end of February 2020 I became a mother to a beautiful baby boy. It was truly a magical experience as well as one of the most challenging jobs I had done to date; I was responsible for keeping a little person alive.  I found myself surviving on little sleep as well as riding […]

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What If.. the outdoor classroom is the ‘new norm’?

Campaigner Cath Prisk, our Schools Network lead, has been considering how schools can make far greater use of nearby outdoor space in response to the Government’s recommendations that schools open in stages: As London’s Primary Heads wrestle with the whether, when and how of reopening their schools, they may need to drastically rethink the school

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Make a Story Stick

Parks and green spaces do not always seem inviting, they can at times feel a little unwelcoming to children and adults. Here are some simple ways to make your walk through a park more fun and help you explore the plants and trees that grow there. Make a Map stick – or Story stick. Prepare

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