How to share tree love with tree trails

You’re different. You’re amazing. You see London as a National Park. This is your opportunity to share the love.

Most people don’t see the nature around them, don’t connect with it. They don’t benefit from the health and happiness that understanding about and immersion in, what’s around them, can bring

Take trees ….

Surveys have shown that 80% of people don’t recognise an ash tree and 70% of people can’t identify the trees on their street.

 You’re different. You’re amazing. You don’t see the green wallpaper other people see. You can actually separate the trees from the wood. You can actually identify (some) trees!

But there’s something else going on:

Try this experiment: Next time you’re walking along your street, ask someone coming out of their house what the tree outside their house is. You’ll be amazed that when people say they don’t know (as they usually do) they nearly always add – ‘I’d really like to know.’

So here’s the thing:

There IS something you can do.

Take someone, a stranger even, to a tree you love, identify it, tell them about it and encourage them to take a closer look at it. You’ll be surprised at how happy sharing tree knowledge makes you – they’ll be surprised at how happy knowing about trees makes them.

… and with tree knowledge comes tree love.

Once we know and understand something we start to care about it

and when we care about it we start to look after it better

As we become tree champions we might start

  • watering young trees
  • looking out for pests and diseases
  • reporting damage
  • removing ties and stakes from young trees appropriately

Creating a local TiCL App tree trail is a simple way of pointing out, identifying and educating people about local trees. You don’t have to be a tree expert to create a tree trail. The trees on your street or in your local park are a good place to start – and yes – even you might have to mug up a bit!

As people look at your tree trail you will find that local interest and respect for trees increases. As well as connecting with trees physically they will connect with you and with each other virtually. With respect for the local trees comes love and respect for locality – you might notice less antisocial behaviour, less litter, more positive interactions with the neighbours …

and when we’re caring for ‘our’ environment and respecting each other more locally, we won’t have to worry so much about the world

and you’ll know that just by sharing your tree love

you did that – you’re amazing!

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