Pop-up visitors centre at 109 Fleet Street

Pop-up Visitors Centre

Visit our first ever pop-up in person at 109 Fleet Street

We’ve launched our first ever pop-up visitors centre at 109 Fleet Street

In this shared community space we’ll explore how everyone can benefit and contribute every day in realising a city where all Londoners can connect with urban nature, supported by our 160 volunteer Rangers will lead outdoor activities, nature engagement, and climate actions.

We’re open to the public during Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and by appointment. 


Support our urgent Crowdfunder by 7th March

A live experiment at 109 Fleet Street

The shop space at 109 Fleet Street is a live public experiment to explore how everyone can benefit and contribute every day in realising a city where all Londoners can connect with urban nature. 

We’re showcasing all the ways to participate in urban greening and nature connection, through a programme of practical workshops, talks and walks led by an array of local community groups, environment, arts, culture and sporting organisations, supported by our Rangers.

We’re going to be working with some amazing organisations, big and small, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to contribute as London National Park City Makers!

We’ll be running week–long residencies with partner organisations like:

  • National Trust
  • London Sport
  • Barbican
  • Natural England
  • Sustrans
  • City of London 

We want to make every event affordable for everyone, and free of charge to those who need it.

And for every established partner we work with, we also want to make this a space for the hundreds of smaller grassroots and community groups and individuals, who we’ll offer the space to for free to use for activities benefiting local communities.

Come and visit us in person

109 Fleet Street is our place to meet, collaborate, and share. A showcase for London National Park City. What it is and means. How to get involved. With a rolling exhibition of Ranger projects, volunteering opportunities, and things to do.

We’ve a packed calendar of events rolling over the next 6-9 months, with week-long residencies each month, and regular seasonally appropriate events.

We’re hosting public learning and urban nature workshops, alongside the curated residences led by our partners, with workshops featuring everything from fashion upcycling, circular economy, planting and greening skills, arts and crafts, and guides for getting together outside through walking, active travel and community sport. 

We’re aiming to be open most afternoons during the week, but with a really small staff team we’ll be reliant on volunteers, and hope that with your support we’ll be able contribute towards a community organiser who can help our front of house.

What we need help with

You can support our Crowdfunder where every penny raised will directly support activities for the benefit of communities across London, enabled by or hosted within our new visitors centre.

We’ve been fortunate to get the space free of rent and rates thanks to our friends at the amazing charity ASTOP who help charities like ours access free space. But we do need to cover some costs like electricity, and we want to have funds available for resources and materials for each of the community events.

It’s never been more important to reconnect people with nature. To help more people recognise how wild and rich in biodiversity our city is with over 15,000 species, 8.4 million trees (nearly one for each of us), and almost half of the city comprising of green and blue space with our many wonderful, but at risk, parks, gardens, rivers, allotments and community spaces.  

We really want to make the most of this unique opportunity, and realise our ambitions to make this first visitors centre THE place to bring all Londoner together to help make our city greener, healthier and wilder!

Tell us how you'd like to get involved

If you’d like to get involved with making our first Visitors Centre a success please fill out this expression of interest form and we’ll be in touch very soon.

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