Discover London National Park City

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Discover London National Park City

Our vision is to make London a city where people, places and nature are better connected.

Together we make London a National Park City that is rich with nature and where everyone benefits from exploring, playing and learning outdoors. A city where we all enjoy high quality public and green spaces, where the air is clean to breather and it’s a pleasure to swim in its waters. Together we can make London a greener, healthier, wilder, fairer and more harmonious place to live. Why not?

London is made up of 32 Boroughs plus the City of London. Within each Borough their are a huge variety of places to visit, protect and enjoy. You can help us bring to life every neighbourhood within the London National Park City.

Meet the team behind the movement, learn more about the National Park City Foundation charity, and get all the details on how you can collaborate with the movement yourself.

Get your own copy of our beautiful folded map of London’s great outdoors. The full size map, includes all of the capital’s 3,000 parks plus woodlands, playing fields, nature reserves, city farms, rivers, canals and all the spaces that contribute to London’s landscape.

Our recent London-wide outdoor campaign celebrated 40 grassroots community heroes each of whom are doing London differently.Meet the amazing people, groups and locations within London National Park City for yourself.

How we created the World's first National Park City

London became the world’s first National Park City in the summer of 2019. A vision of the National Park City Foundation, years in the making, signed into reality at City Hall supported by over 300 events across the Capital.

The Charter is our foundational document signed by the Mayor of London, hundreds of organisations and individuals in 2019. It sets out how we collectively share the ambition, responsibility and power to deliver these things and more.

Before London became the world’s first National Park City the original grassroots campaign set out it’s vision, plans, aims and objectives in the Greater London National Park City proposal in July 2015.

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