Rangers at Stave Hill Nature Reserve

Volunteer with us

Do volunteer, and help us build an effective grassroots movement

There are lots of ways you can help the London National Park City as a volunteer, helping share our story with more people across London.

We have a small paid staff team, a dozen volunteer Trustees, and 160 volunteer Rangers – all of whom get so much out of being part of our movement. 

There really is something for everyone to do, even if you can only spare a few hours here or there.

We’ve outlined below what we currently need help with, and if you’d like to express your interest then pop your details into the form below about joining one of our four volunteer teams and we’ll get back in touch with you.

Creative Team

We always need help in promoting, describing and celebrating the amazing things that happen in the London National Park City.

We’re especially looking for help with:

  • Writing and Storytelling
  • Photography
  • Film Making
  • Art and Illustration
  • Design and Graphics

Digital Team

We have an extensive digital estate and lots of ambitious plans for developing new services, improving our ways of working, and maintaining what we have.

If you’re experienced with any of the following tasks and services please get in touch:

  • Social Media; Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok
  • SEM / SEO / Google AdWords
  • Joomla and WordPress
  • Hubspot CRM
  • Mailchimp

Organising Team

We have a small but dedicated staff team working across London, ably supported by our amazing Trustees, and a fantastic community of Rangers.

As such we have lots of things to be managed, updated, and improved, and if you’re an organised sort we would benefit from your help:

  • Board and Working Groups secretarial and admin support
  • Finance and Bookkeeping
  • Project Management
  • Language and Translations
  • Event Management

Research & Learning Team

We are keen to share learning across ecosystems, help our community to develop their knowledge and skills and be on top of the latest research on nature connection, biodiversity conservation, regeneration and all things relevant to our movement of making London greener, healthier and wilder. Could you help us share more learning:

  • Research team
  • Content designers
  • Course curators
  • Workshop / Training leads
  • Facilitators

Submit your interest in volunteering

If you think you can help with any of the regular volunteering tasks we’ve outlined above, please fill out this form with your contact details, availability, areas of interest and relevant experience, and any relevant information you’d like to share with us.

You’ll receive an email confirmation which you’ll need to respond to after you submit your details, then we’ll be in touch.

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