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Nature Connects – our multi-disciplinary partnership for people, place and nature

Nature Connects Brent was our first trial of Nature Connects and it took place between November 2021 and April 2022 across the London Borough of Brent.

With original funding kindly provided by Natural England, Nature Connects Brent saw events, activities and campaigns delivered by a range of partners to support local communities to connect with the natural world.

Over 750 people came along to events and activities as part of the project with organisations involved including SufraForest&FamilyPlace2BeDaniel’s Den and the Friends of the Welsh Harp. You can find more information on the great work of these organisations on their websites and via social media.

Nature Connects Brent was primarily run in partnership with Forest & Family and Sufra, and made possible due to the generous financial support of Natural England.

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Where Nature Connect goes next

A big thank you to all involved in the project. But this is not the end! Campaigns and projects developed during Nature Connects Brent continue to support and feed into the ongoing nature connection programmes taking place in Brent. This includes:

Nature Connects Us

A Brent based project increasing nature connection, nature-based time and outdoor play amongst Brent residents for improved health, wellbeing, cohesion and happiness. The project is led and managed by local social enterprise Forest & Family with funding from the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) and support from Brent Parks. Outputs include the creation of a Forest School and Nature Connection centre, enhanced forest school and outdoor learning programmes, Brent’s first outdoor nursery, nature connection park resources and community engagement and events programme.

Stories By Moonlight

Set up during Nature Connects Brent, this campaign aims to take bedtime stories outside to reconnect with nature, each other and the ecosystems on which we depend. Through a simple collective act we are building a movement of families calling for greater outdoor time, nature connection and environmental care.

Brent Forest School Scheme

Set up during Nature Connects Brent, this scheme aims to support Forest School practitioners with additional resources, learning and peer network opportunities to enhance their personal development. In exchange, practitioners provide free sessions to groups in Brent. The scheme is in its infancy stage with the hope that it will continue to grow through the new Nature Connection Hub at Roundwood Park.

St Raphael’s Edible Garden

Sufra continue their amazing work at St Raphael’s Edible Garden where visitors, residents and volunteers come together for a range of activities, events, skills development and community groups.

Photos from Nature Connects Brent

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